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UMNO: Hedonism Culture Among Malay Youths Raises Concern

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 : The spread of hedonism culture, that takes the pursuit of pleasure as the primary motivating element of life, among the young generation would hinder the continuity of quality leadership in the country if it is left unchecked, a writer said Saturday.

Biographer Datin Seri Fatini Yaacob described the trend as worrying because it would make those practising this culture too flexible to the extent that it would weaken the spirit of patriotism.

Fatini had produced several biographies of national figures including on Tun Daim Zainuddin (Daim Yang Diam or The Quiet Daim) and the first vice-chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Tan Sri Ainuddin Abdul Wahid (Ainuddin Pejuang ‘Degil’ Melayu or Ainuddin, the Recalcitrant Malay Warrior) and the life story of Natrah (Natrah Cinta. Rusuhan. Air Mata or ‘Natrah, Love. Riots. Tears’).

Fatini said when hedonism spread among the Malay community particularly the youths through entertainment, sports and lifestyle, it indirectly eroded the feeling of shyness within them.

“A community that is shameless will lead to serious social problems, such as immoral activities in public places. This will indirectly weaken the value system of a community,” she told Bernama at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), here.

She said the effects of globalisation or the borderless world had resulted in the extremist hedonism culture being emulated to the extent that some had accepted the western lifestyle which contradicted the lifestyle in this country.

Thus, the element of ‘moderation’ must be instilled in the young Malays to prevent the spread of hedonism.

In addition, she also pointed out that the tendency among the young generation to read books that focused on relaxation compared to academic writings of quality such as books on history and biography could contribute to the spread of hedonism.

“Although the reading culture has grown, attention must also be given to the reading materials in order to prevent the spread of hedonism,” she said.

Fatini said parents must also spend more time with their children instead of spending too much time on materialistic pursuits. — BERNAMA

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