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December 1, 2012
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December 1, 2012

UMNO: Formation Of Umno Ulama Council Suggested

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 :  The Umno leadership was today suggested to set up an Umno Ulama Council in efforts to champion the cause of Islam in the country.

Mohd Shaharuddin Mohd Hassan Tajuddin from the Tanjung Umno division, Penang, when proposing the formation of the council said that the ulama sitting in the council must be given a position which was equivalent to a vice-president of the party or head of the party wing.

Debating the motion on religion and education on the last day of the Umno General Assembly, he said the proposal was to ensure that Umno truly protected the sanctity of Islam from attacks by pluralism and liberalism ideologies adopted by the opposition.

Mohd Shaharuddin said that Muslim solidarity could also be enhanced with the increase in religious icons at the educational institutions in the country who would disseminate accurate information on the Islamic cause championed by Umno.

“We also suggest the creation of 1Malaysia Madrasah which would be administered by the Education Ministry and Prime Minister’s Department. Its modus operandi must stress on the learning of the Al-Quran and the principles of Islam,” he said. — BERNAMA

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