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“The Final 1”: And then there were Three

SINGAPORE, Aug 7: It is coming to the end of the road for the three remaining finalists Shaun Jansen, Farisha Ishak and Jean Kyaw in “The Final 1” talent contest.

A total of 37 finalists have been eliminated so far from “The Final 1”. 

And Wednesday’s show will see the elimination of one more, before the winner is chosen at the grand finals on August 21, and walks home with the S$100,000 grand prize, the biggest payout in the history of local reality talent shows.

Although they have survived the brutal eliminations thus far, watching friends and colleagues go have left a deep impression on the three.

“It was sad seeing everyone leave one after another. So it’s been bitter-sweet the whole way.

“One moment you’ve made friends and the next, some of them get eliminated from the competition. It’s still a very strange feeling because you connect with the other contestants because they’re going through the same things as you,” said Jansen.

“Each time a contestant gets eliminated, it gets harder for me to say goodbye,” said Kyaw.

Farisha had similar sentiments.

“Seeing each contestant leave every week leaves me heartbroken as we have all grown so close.

“The thought of not seeing them again the very next day at rehearsal is upsetting as we’re used to seeing each other every day,” said Farisha.

Three for the Final Three

The eliminated are now part of “The Final 1” history. The only thing the remaining three can do now is to press on.

After Wednesday’s “The Final 1”, the voting results will be revealed, and there will be just two finalists left.

But not before Jansen, Farisha and Kyaw each perform what could well be their final three songs on the show.

All three finalists said they are hard at work practising for Wednesday’s gig.

“Practise, practise and practise. That, to me, is the key to success and I hope it pays off!

“I have also been trying to take care of my well-being by eating right and sleeping sufficient hours,” said Farisha.

In addition to practising, Kyaw is spending time with people who matter to her in order to de-stress.

Meanwhile, Jansen is all about rehearsing as well as getting into the right frame of mind for Wednesday’s gig.

“I am going to go in with an open mind and an open heart to anything that may happen. I’m being hopeful and also preparing for the worst,” said Jansen.

Journey’s End

When asked how they’d react if they got eliminated, Jansen expressed that he is confident that music will remain part of his life, one way or another.

Win or lose, Jansen feels that “The Final 1” has been a pretty interesting ride which has helped him understand himself better.

“I am hoping to go all the way. But if that does not happen, in the last half year, being in the competition has made me realise how much satisfaction I have gotten from just doing music and close to fully immersing myself in a life of it,” said the strapping young singer.

“And I can feel … that this is what I was meant to do. So if this does not work out, I’d still eventually find a way to make music my life.”

Kyaw revealed that she already has a Plan B in place if the votes don’t go her way, and was just happy to have made it into the Final Three.

“If I don’t win, it’s alright with me because hey, Top 3 is huge already, and I’ve already tried my best each time so I’m good,” said Kyaw.

Farisha on the other hand, tries not to think about it and has pushed every thought out of her mind save one – putting on a great show on Wednesday.

“I have learnt that one should always think positive no matter the outcome as results are so unpredictable (due to public voting). Having gone this far, nothing else is on my mind.

“Putting up a great performance is also my way of thanking those who have supported me thus far,” said Farisha.

“Throughout this competition, I am in it to win it and I will do all I can to perform my very best.”

The second last episode of “The Final 1” airs Wednesday, 8pm on Channel 5. The grand finals will be aired on August 21 at the same time slot. – CNA/ha

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