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August 18, 2016
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August 18, 2016

Ramanan hammers ‘professional thief’ Subra over MIC’s despicable fate

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18: Former MIC treasurer-general Datuk R. Ramanan condemned MIC president Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam for once again calling for a renomination or reregistration of branches which are aligned to Datuk Seri G. Palanivel.

“As he claims that a small minority is still outside, he is inviting them to reregister their branches and membership.

“How many times is Subramaniam going to around conducting this so called renomination exercise?” Ramanan asked.

“It clearly shows three things. One, Palanivel’s group is not a minority. If they were a minority and insignificant who on earth would be begging them to come in the party calling renomination after renomination and ofcourse let’s not forget the latest term reregistration.

“However, it is on the contrary, a large group comprising of more than 45 per cent of party and its loyalist some of who have served the party for more than 40 years that is very significant,” Ramanan said in a statement today.

Ramanan claimed that Dr Subramaniam has failed to convince Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that he is in control of the party and the Indian community.

“The Prime Minister is aware of Subramaniam’s lies.

“The third thing which is clear is that, these members behind Palanivel have worked and sacrificed the last 40 to 60 years for the party and community.

“These groups are loyal and influential people in the community and control significant votes when it comes to the general elections.

“With so much of current issues the country is facing, a fragmentation of political parties and interest groups, Palanivel’s group has a more than sizable vote bank. Can the Subramaniam led MIC deliver the votes to BN? The answer would be a guaranteed no,” Ramanan said.


In the minds of Palanivel’s supporters, according to Ramanan, this reregistration and renomination is only a propaganda by Dr Subramaniam and his officers so that he can convince the Prime Minister that he is in control of the party and has brought everyone back to be part of MIC.

“This is where we are being cheated by a “professional thief”. The damage was done by Subramaniam and his gang the day they committed fraud and took over the party. The rule of law, laws of the land and our MIC Constitution was ditched and replaced by law of the jungle by a group which was greedy for power and position.

“How can we in these modern world and times allow ourselves to be cowed by gangsters and thieves who have absolutely no regard or respect for law and governance. These groups driven by greed will kill the whole community and even the country.

“It’s been shown in history. This is what Subramaniam and his gang have brought about to our beloved MIC. It is already on the verge of dissipation now and it will finally be lead to destruction.

“They seized a party and an institution that was beginning to mold our community into a forward thinking and self sustaining society. They have now replaced them with leaders of questionable characters.

“They have set a very bad example to our future generation, who will never gain the respect of our Indian community. These tainted leaders are a liability.


“Subramaniam claiming he had regrouped and taken MIC to a higher level is all just humbug. We have lost one ministers position. We have lost members and leaders to the opposition. Though many have not openly declared that they support the opposition, in private they say they are just disgusted with Subramaniam’s leadership,” he said.

Ramanan also claimed that Najib is also uncertain about Dr Subramaniam’s capabilities.

“So much so, that we are on the verge of losing seat allocations in the next GE because Datuk Seri Najib is looking to give some seats to IPF, Makkal Sakthi, MIUP and more seats for MyPPP, at the expense of MIC candidates.

“Let me reiterate again, Palanivel agreed to conduct the reelections according to our constitution. Not according to Subramaniam’s rules. He didn’t renegade on his promise. A corrupted ROS bought by a power crazed greedy Subramaniam were just too fraudulent for Palanivel to handle.

“It is you Subramaniam and you only who is responsible for MIC’s current despicable fate. Your greed for power and post has caused severe damage to our party and community,” Ramanan chided.

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