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Prison death: Shashikumar did not commit suicide – Coroner court

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 14: A Johor Baru coroner’s has ruled that S. Shashikumar, an inmate found hanged at the Kluang Prison on the May 22, 2015, did not commit suicide.

Yesterday, Johor Bahru coroner Kamarudin Kamsun classified Shashikumar’s death as homicide, Hindraf said in a statement.

According to Hindraf chief P. Waytha Moorthy, the coroner ruled that Sasikumar’s death was caused by person or persons unknown.

“He leaves it to the police whether to conduct through investigations to find those responsible,” Waytha said.

He added that Kamarudin’s finding also stated that Sasikumar’s death was not a misadventure.

Hindraf, which attended that hearing on Monday morning, added that the coroner made the following observations based on evidence adduced:

a) There was existing evidence for police to investigate persons in particular inmates or prison officers who was involved in drug syndicate in prison.

b) Sasikumar’s friend who serves the same sentence testified that Sasikumar told him about his looking forward to be released together.

c) Deceased has already served part of his sentence.

d) The Prison Director testified that normally uniforms are not provided when a person was put on isolation, but Sasikumar was found with a uniform (allegedly used to hang himself).

e) Sasikumar himself has told the prison investigator officer that his life was under threat and feared for his life 2 days before he was found hanged.

f) The evidence of the pathologist was “a good story but not a true story” and not backed by evidence (The Pathologist came up with a theory of her own but could not back up her storey when questioned by Mr. Waytha Moorthy and Mr. Kartigesan Counsel for the family).

g) The narrative presented by pathologist that part of strings were found in prison by her allegedly used by Shashikumar to hang himself was not backed by DNA evidence.

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