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April 19, 2017
PM Najib raps those who ‘mislead’ about Malaysia
April 20, 2017

Permanent residency to a national threat?

By S. Gopinath

WE had Maria Chin detained under SOSMA for organising BERSIH – the objective was to spread awareness on the importance of clean voting system.

Maria is a Malaysian citizen and has all rights and freedom to speak and express her opinions as long as it does not provoke sensitive issues that touches on defamation, religion and threatens the national security. She was detained for 28 days.

Zakir Naik has toured around this country defaming and insulting the Hidhu religion causing millions of Indians in this country to rage with anger and object his lectures.

Written complaints were lodged and street demonstrations were made to make our point clear to the federal government and yet, no action was taken against him.

While glorifying Islam, he insulted other religions particularly the Hindhu religion and his act was not and probably will never be seen as provoking sensitive issues, no SOSMA too because, apparently, putting down the third largest religion in this country is not a big crime, not at all; spreading awareness is.


“Walk free, Dr, spread hatred among us because our leaders wish to see us divided and has no regards towards our sensitivity. We have long forgotten about your lectures already, anyway”

And then there was an announcement made by Zakir Naik inviting foreign investigators to run trial on him here, in our home country as he is afraid to face them at their country.

A peculiar request by a foreigner who has been charged with terrorism, this is the first in Malaysian history and I am not sure how this not seen as a possible threat to the national security.

As I stood confused, on how it is possible for such a platform to be available for a foreigner and how he is allowed to put all of us at risk by inviting international interrogation on him under such charges to be done here, I was enlightened by the fact that our beloved Dr. Zakir Naik is actually a Malaysian PR for the past five years.

This declaration has led many political leaders to question on how the PR status was awarded and to demand for proofs in the form of documentations that has qualified him for this status.

I am somehow or rather, is not bothered at all about his qualifications ; I know it is all possible.

I am at my utmost disgust to think that it is so much easier for someone to gain a PR status in this country then for someone who has lived here for generations to be awarded with a citizenship?

There are so many stateless Indians and aborigines in this country; are they not as important as Zakir Naik to you, dear leaders?

Please don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact that a PR status and citizenship is two different awards and carries a whole lots of differences in their perks but let me just raise this question; “You have awarded masses of my stateless Indians who have contributed towards the nation building and economic progress with the same Malaysian PR status that has been bestowed upon a man who has done nothing but to provoke sensitive religious issues in this country, whose presence is objected wholly by the third largest population in this country and is banned by several countries out there for suspect of terrorist element in his movement – what is your point exactly?”

I think the only clear message that we can derive from this situation is – us, don’t matter to you anymore. Because we are already only the third largest population ( which Bangladeshis and Myanmaris will overtake soon ) and a very large number of us being stateless or holding just a PR status means we do not carry significant number of voters. Is that why it doesn’t matter to you?

And what is this guy doing right now is practicing his rights and freedom of speech by hinting to the government to summon HINDRAF for going against the HADI Bill.

Already there is a tension here due to this subject and parties involved are trying to solve the issue amicably. We are a multiracial country with very diversified religious and political views, we support and argue with each other, we raise our voices and express our opinions in the limitations set by our constitutions, but at the end of the day, we remain as Malaysians FIRST – who are you to interfere?

Zakir Naik is a threat to both the brotherhood that we share and our national security. Where is SOSMA now, doesn’t it apply to a PR ?
If Zakir Naik can be awarded with a PR and given protection here amidst being wanted by the judiciary body of other countries; why are my people still being discriminated and is still remaining with the same PR status?

Grant an exemption and reward all of them who are here for more than a decade with citizenship – it’s possible if you are a considerate leader.

…and of course, then we will have to review a lot of elements in the legislations that will draw down to a “ no “ from the authorities, yes, yes, we get it. Sigh.

I have written countless times on strategies to increase number of tax payers and voters among Indians to add more value and volume to our demands and requests in Parliament.

When we are not strong in numbers and leaders, our voice is irrelevant in the national agenda. Unlike all my other articles, in this, I will not discuss about MIC’s relevance to the Indians in this country anymore, I have literally given up.

This is for the Prime Minister of this country, Datuk Seri Najib Bin Razak – these are truly upsetting moments in Malaysia, we feel offended and neglected and if this is how things will remain in Malaysia for the upcoming years; you will lose our votes forever.

If SATU MALAYSIA is truly what you are trying to achieve, then walk the talk and don’t play with our sentiments.

Actions always speak louder than words – we are watching.

*Datuk S. Gopinath is the President of the Malaysian Indian Network of Entrepreneurs or better known as 1MINE.

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