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September 19, 2016
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September 19, 2016

Pamper your pets with these pro tips

Pamper your pets with these pro tips

  1. Pamper your pets with these pro tips

Our pets are an integral part of our families and deserve all the special care that we can provide. And that is the primary reason why we need to take our pets for regular check-ups at veterinary clinics that are qualified and equipped to give them all that they need. We spoke to pet-care professionals in the city, to list out some special pro tips that can help your four-legged friends… by Debarati S Sen

  1. Ensure they stay well-hydrated

Pratapsinh Gaekwad, who is extremely passionate about animals and also owns a specialty pet-care clinic, says, “Ensure that your dog stays hydrated by adding extra water to some meals, in order to increase the water content. Flavouring their water with some chicken broth may encourage them to drink more as well.

  1. Give them ice-cubes to snack on

Ice cubes make tasty zero calorie snacks for dogs, and you can always jazz them up by making flavoured ones by freezing some chicken broth in an ice cube rack, suggests Gaekwad.

  1. Deal with osteoarthritis

Hannah Victoria Myburgh, head nurse at a South Mumbai veterinary hospital says, “For the older patients who suffer from osteoarthritis and creaky joints, green lipp mussel extract is a fantastic natural analgesic. Adding glucosamine chondroitin supplements into the diet really helps with the maintenance of healthy joints and bones.”

  1. Be consistent with feeding regime

It is important to try and be consistent with your feeding regime — two meals a day, at the same time every day, with no snacks, should be sufficient.

  1. Use palatable probiotics

Avoid curd as many patients can be slightly lactose intolerant and this can actually irritate the gut when had in large quantities, suggests Hannah. She adds, “A couple of teaspoons a day can be used as a probiotic but actually goat’s yogurt or kefir are better and more palatable.”

  1. Give them supplements

“Supplements such as coconut oil are fantastic for your pet’s coat and joints. They have a good ratio of omegas so really help nourish the skin, heart muscle and joints as well,” says Hannah.

  1. Get a dental check-up done

Opt for a full dental scale and polish to make gnashers sparkle. Gaekwad adds, “This is not just a cosmetic procedure, a full examination of all the teeth is undertaken, assessing all the gum margins. Removing plaque which is basically bacteria and sugar will help reduce systemic disease.”

  1. Dealing with heat stroke

Exercise is very important for pets but it is essential to not overdo it in the summer months. Heat strokes can be serious. Keep walks early in the morning before 8 am and late in the evening after 7 pm. Signs of heat stroke include lethargy, vomiting, disorientation and in extreme cases, collapse. The first thing to do is cool down with towels soaked in room temperature water. Immediately after, pay a visit to the vet.

Keep in mind

– Take personal grooming seriously.

– Get a mani-pedi for your pets — get their nails clipped.

– Get a de-worming done prior to a vacation.

– Vaccinating against infectious diseases such as rabies, leptospirosis and canine distemper not only protects yourself but also your fellow canine companions. – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/relationships/6-types-of-relationships-you-will-find-only-in-India/photostory/51209143.cms

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