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Netizens fume over Shameera’s murder as she’s laid to rest on birthday


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24: The murder of transgender Shameera Krishnan has social media users grieving over her death and appeals that people stop carrying out hate crimes against the transgender community.

In what appeared to be a revenge attack, Shameera was found dead with three gunshot wounds in Jalan Pasar, Kuantan yesterday.

Selamperasan, 27, who went by the name, ‘Shameera Krishnan’, had also sustained several slash wounds in the body.

Her funeral will be held today – which was also her birthday.

Since news of her death was reported netizens have been pouring voicing their condolences and concerns over the murder and questioning the nature of the murder if it was a hate crime and hopes that the person responsible for the gruesome murder will be apprehended.

Prominent transgender activist Nisha Ayub posted on her Facebook page of the brutal murder of Sameera and pleads that hate crimes against transgender community would cease to occur in Malaysia.

“I was extremely shocked to hear about the way she was attack. Than the next thing i heard her birthday is today

“Why people can be so cruel to another human being? Where is humanity? May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

“Please stop violence and hate crimes towards us Transgender people,” said Nisha in her post.

Facebook user Fifa Rahman said, “She was absolutely stunning. So horrifying that transgender people continue to be targeted. Rest in peace.”

“God usually picks a beautiful flower to decorate his throne and this time he picked you princess and it’s your birthday.

“Everything changed the moment the ruthless animal pulled the trigger.

“But i pray hard that there won’t be another one who has to go through a tragedy like you. Never should anyone go thru it. And know that you’re always loved. Sleep tight princess,” posted Joena Shivani Thomas Nathan.

According to Shameera’s family she had gone out of her home to 3am yesterday to buy food and had later found out that she was severely injured.

Her cousin V. Reenunair, 29, reportedly said that the family was told that Sameera was seriously injured in an attack in Jalan Pasar at about 4am.

“We didn’t know she had died at that time. We went to the mortuary and found that she had been shot in her posterior.

“Four fingers of her right hand were severed and she had serious head injuries.

“Her right arm was also badly mutilated as though she had been trying to ward off repeated blows from her assailant,” Reenunair said to reporters at Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital.


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