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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11: Wanita MIC has condemned the allegedly segregating of drinking cups for Muslim and non-Muslim students as “outrageous”.

“We are baffled why this state of affairs is always happening in our Sekolah Kebangsaan. From uttering racial slurs, canteen in toilet/changing room to Muslim and non-Muslim cups, it is a never-ending controversies,” its chief Datuk Mohana Muniandy said.

She was commenting on an incident at a school in Hulu Langat which has come under fire from parents and netizens for allegedly segregating drinking cups for Muslim and non-Muslim students.

The primary school in Selangor has cups labelled “murid Islam” (Muslim students) and “murid bukan Islam” (non-Muslim students) placed next to a water dispenser.

In a statement today, Mohana expressed disappointments that schools as a place where unity and tolerance should be built is being misused to create further divide.

“It’s the first step to create more bigots. We are highly disappointed and angry with the school management and teachers for allowing this.

“The principal of this school is not worthy to run a school. He should definitely be sacked.

“Everybody in this country must show mutual respect for each other. Isn’t it more important to respect and be tolerant, rather than emphasizing on one’s right? Years ago, such absurdity was virtually unseen but now, it is becoming a common issue.

“We are moving backwards at an alarming rate. We feel too little is being done to foster racial and religious integration whilst too much is being done to segregate communities at large based on racial and religious differences tearing away at the very core of those fundamentals of nation building.

“Every major or minor incident involving some religious controversy that goes unresolved emboldens many other little wannabe napoleons to out-do the previous one,” Mohana said.

She also called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to strongly denounce such “racist” segregation and issue a statement that all future such acts irrespective of who it’s coming from should be condemned and deal with within the laws of the country immediately.

“Government need to review appointments of school administrators and teachers. So many racial cases are surfacing causing unnecessary controversies and embarrassment to the nation besides the disunity.

“Those responsible for stirring racial issues should undergo psychiatric evaluation before being reinstated, better yet, make it compulsory for all educators.

“Time and again, we come across someone who stirs the hornets’ nest by bringing up racist based issues which angers the Rakyat. Open revulsion against other races must be stopped at any cost.

“Tolerance is the antidote to racial intolerance yet there is a limit to it. We would never go forward if we still look through racially tinted glasses.

“As Malaysia looks forward to its 60th Merdeka anniversary, let’s embrace diversity in ethnicity, religion, beliefs, and build mutual respect.

“Let’s not get blinded and shackled by bigotry ideologies. The beauty and strength of the Malaysia has always been its unity in diversity with regard to religion, customs, practices and everyday living,” she said.


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