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May 10, 2017
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May 10, 2017

Mega Success or Mega Failure, MyDaftar must go on!

By R.Muniswaran

I refer to the opinion of Dr.P.Ramasamy the Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang on 8 May 2015 on the MyDaftar campaign to be held in June.

As a person directly involved in the whole process and being the Secretary for the campaign in Penang state from 2011 -2013, I believe I have the capacity to reply to points raised by him.

It is obvious that it is a vicious attack on MIC leadership for embarking on the MyDaftar program. First of all, Dr. P. Ramasamy was wrong to imply “Special Indian Task Force (SITF) would be set up to undertake this exercise…” Perhaps he was not aware the SITF was established way back in June 2010 to ensure that Malaysia Indians are able to get access to the services, programs and projects of the Federal government in a just, fair and equitable way.

Since the DCM II has a lapse of memory, let me remind him that the MyDaftar campaign was first launched by SITF from 19th to 26th February, 2011 with the cooperation of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It was carried out in nine states nationwide. During the campaign, all the National Registration Department (JPN) offices in the nine states were opened specially for the Indian community even on weekends with all the JPN personnel working until 7-8pm! I have never heard anywhere in the world a government office remained opened for just one community!

To my knowledge, the MyDaftar campaign was never abandoned as alleged; it has been going on smaller scale or on individual cases by the MIC’s Service Centres and SITF centres throughout the country.

Dr. P. Ramasamy also alleged that no statistics were provided by the SITF on the earlier MyDaftar campaign which is also not true or rather intentionally ignored! It can be obtained from the SITF Facebook account as given below.

As for Dr. P. Ramasamy’s question on why 4000 over applications have yet to be processed, it is because of lack of supporting documents for the applications. As a coordinator of the campaign from 2011 – 2013, I experienced this as most of them are unable to produce these documents and the applications cannot go to the next level.

I believe all parties should do their part to help instead of criticising and being pessimistic about the campaign. Now the Federal government has come forward to help, the detractors should get the 300,000 ‘stateless’ Indians to the campaign to prove their point.

From the onset, it is very obvious that the accusations made by Dr. P. Ramasamy are just political talk and does not benefit  the Indian community in any way.

Perhaps Dr. P.Ramasamy should look into his ‘own backyard’ (constituency of Perai) in Teluk Indah Flats where the majority of the residents are Indians and it was reported to be the “Dirtiest flats in Penang” by The Star a few weeks ago.

*The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Times (TMT).

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