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Kelantan Umno Wants A Mechanism To Check Proselytisation

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 : Kelantan Umno has vented its anger against the act of proselytising Muslims and wanted a mechanism to be set up to monitor and tackle the problem.

Its representative, Mohd Afandi Yusoff said the act of attempting to convert Muslims to another religion could undermine the sanctity of Islam and religous harmony.

Speaking when tabling the motion on religion and education on the final day of the Umno General Assembly 2012 here Saturday, he urged Umno to intensify its dakwah programme through the media to change the negative perception of Islam among non-Muslims.

Umno Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin hit out at the opposition parties for practicing ultra-racial politics, deviationist ideology and dividing the society merely to gain power when he opened the 2012 delegates meeting of the Umno Wanita, Youth and Puteri movements simultaneously on Tuesday.

Mohd Afandi, who is also Rantau Panjang Umno Youth division chief, said Umno should give more opportunities to those with religious background to play a bigger role in the party.

He also called on Umno to coordinate and strengthen the position and function of religious institutions, including mosques and surau, and to defend the position of the King and the sultans as heads of religion.

Mohd Afandi also proposed that electronic media provide more air time to religious programmes, including inviting religious leaders to talk about Islam.

On education, he urged Umno to create an education financing scheme and mobilise Umno Youth and the Puteri movement to provide free tuition, and examination and career guidance for rural and urban students throughout the country.

Calling for the development of human capital to be strengthened by emphasising on skill training, he said the National Education Blueprint 2013-2025 should be implemented without bowing to pressure from any quarters while Bahasa Malaysia should be upheld as a tool of unity.

In supporting the motion, Puteri Umno representative Hasrunizah Hassan said religious conversion attempts could not be eliminated simply by relying on the enforcement of the laws, but also demanded religious awareness and unstinting faith.

“We must be united in ensuring that violation of the sanctity of Islam can be overcome with blessings and wisdom for the act of sacrilege had already occurred and lowered the dignity of Muslims,” she added.

She lashed out at certain quarters for being obsessed with a particular political ideology to the extent of forsaking their Muslim brothers and sisters who were not on the same wavelength.

Describing fanaticism as being close-minded, she said it was unbecoming of these quarters to claim themselves as divinely right and protected while other fellow Muslims were infidels and ignorant.

The religion and education motion was passed unanimously. — BERNAMA

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