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January 24, 2014
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January 24, 2014

Jan 2014 hottest month in 53 years for Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Jan 24: January 2014 is becoming the hottest month in 53 years for Argentina with the thermal factor reaching an unbearable 47.6 Celsius mid afternoon before rain poured bringing some relief to most of the country an particularly in cement city Buenos Aires.

The thermal factor in early dawn Thursday took off at 35 Celsius steadily climbing and by 14:00 hours reached 45.3, with temperature at 35 Celsius. An hour later the thermal factor had climbed to 46.8 and temperature 36 Celsius. Towards 18:00 and before the storm, the reading was 47.6 Celsius.

According to the Argentine met office the highest thermal factor and temperature was recorded at Chamical, La Rioja with 57.5 and 41.8 Celsius.

The city of Cordoba also experienced a torrid day with 48.6 thermal factor; Reconquista in Santa Fe province, 48.3; Tucuman, 47.6 and Santiago del Estero, 46.3.

However, Friday is expected to mark the beginning of a period of relief, cloudy and with some early morning rains, but stabilising towards midday and sunny in the afternoon,but there will be a significant drop in temperature.

In effect, the forecast for Buenos Aires indicates 11 to 25 Celsius and by night a further drop as cool air from the south moves north, which means on Saturday a minimum of 13 and maximum of 23 Celsius. Sunday could see a slight improvement in the temperature, 15 to 25 Celsius. —BERNAMA

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