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AFTER two decades in marketing communications, Fauziah Abdul Aziz founded her own company – producing and distributing natural and organic-based health and beauty products – as a result of her own poor health.


“When I was in my 40s, I had several critical illnesses and my kidney was infected. This also affected my skin, hair and weight. My physician said that eventually I could get kidney failure and would have to go for dialysis,” she says, adding that she had tonsilitis, sinus and was also asthmatic.


Prior to discovering her kidney infection, Fauziah was prescribed drugs extensively to fight blood poisoning and that took a toll on her kidney, she suspects.


In 2009, she met a manufacturer of virgin coconut oil (vco) who, after hearing about her health issues, asked her to give it a try.After consuming vco twice a day for several months, Fauziah claims that she no longer has problems with her kidney and her other medical problems also seem to have been alleviated.


Fauziah set up CMC Benefit (M) Sdn Bhd to distribute vco in 2010. The Timeless Anti-Aging Virgin Coconut Oil produced by Fauziah’s company looks more like a skincare product rather than a health product. However, Fauziah explains that the vco that she produces is not only for skincare, it has a myriad of health benefits.


Prior to distributing vco, she had conducted months of research on vco, and claims that it is helpful for skin and hair ageing, metabolic system, digestive system, neurological system, menopause and estrogen issues, diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension and the body’s immune system. Fauziah learnt that it was the No. 1 oil in the United States and it was referred to as the miracle oil.


“The spray-type design of the bottle was suggested by my manufacturer (in Johor) to keep the quality of the vco intact. This way, it is not exposed to bacteria from regular opening and closing,” says Fauziah.


The dosage she recommends is two tablespoons a day or 15 sprays into the mouth, which is equivalent to two tablespoons.The idea of spraying 15 times may seem laborious but it takes less than three seconds. It’s convenient plus there is no wastage or spillage.


Fauziah says that the vco that she produces is unbleached and does not contain additives. She explains that the vco is derived from the white flesh of the coconut and to get the best quality, the copra is removed. The santan (coconut milk) is then squeezed from the coconut flesh and separated from the fibres, oil and water.


“The process of separating the water is tricky as it needs to be fermented to obtain natural heat. We don’t apply heat as the magic components of vco which is the lauric acid, an antioxidant, and vitamin E, would not be obtained at its optimal level,” she explains.


Last year during the monsoon season, it took her manufacturers 11 days for the entire process to obtain pure vco.


“Weather makes a difference as when it is cooler, there is less natural heat so the fermentation process takes longer,” she explains.


Fauziah points out that her method of refining vco provides a high absorption rate for the oil to penetrate the skin, so it doesn’t leave an oily residue. While there are many who believe in the goodness of vco, there are also detractors who claim that it is made up of saturated fat and therefore unhealthy.


“From our research findings, the entire 92% of saturated fat in vco is converted into energy when it reaches your liver. None is left in your body as fat,” claims Fauziah.


Having lost her mother to Alzheimer’s disease, Fauziah learnt in the course of her research that vco, which many physicians consider as brain food, could have been helpful.


– The Star


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