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November 17, 2016
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November 17, 2016

Hard work pays off for S’gor UPSR top student Aathiran

byline Karmugilan

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17: Hardwork and smartwork is what fuelled Aathiran Balakrishnan’s success in this year’s Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) as he obtained 8 straight As and was awarded the Best Performing Student of UPSR 2016 by the Selangor Education Department representing SJKT Simpang Lima,Klang.

“I balanced hard work and smart work equally which means I studied hard constantly all year round but at the same time I also found time to revise year 4 and year 5 syllabus.

“I stuck by a timetable which I made for myself to stay organized and disciplined. I practiced a lot of past year questions and also did a lot of exercises from workbooks,” Aathiran told The Malaysian Times (TMT).

According to Aathiran, his teachers and parents played a pivotal role in motivating him and constantly pushing him towards excellence.


“My mother is the biggest reason of my success, she used to coach me everyday and guide me patiently and always being there for me.

“My teachers also sacrificed a lot of their time in mentoring me and helping me revise,” said Aathiran.

Meanwhile, Aathiran’s mother S. Sheila Kumari was very blessed and happy with her son’s performance in this public exam.

“As a parent, I gave it my all in making sure that he was prepared to face this year’s UPSR. I monitored him from day one, making sure his school homework and tuition homework were all on track and he understood everything being taught by his teachers,” said Sheila.


According to Sheila, a parent must also find the correct balance of academic coaching and life coaching for their children as well.

“Besides academically coaching my son, I also emphasize on teaching him life values that will be very useful in his present and future.

“I taught him 3 main values, ‘self-motivation’, ‘self-control’ and ‘self-confidence’. These 3 aspects are vital in shaping an individual into a good student and a proper individual.

“The world is full of distractions nowadays, I am so proud of Aathiran that he has maintained exceptional self-control and stayed focused on his goal of being the best student in Selangor,” Sheila told TMT.

According to Sheila, as a mother she never ceases to remind her children that academic excellence is vital to success in Malaysia.


SJKT Simpang Lima

SJKT Simpang Lima has another reason to be proud of themselves as they are the best performing Tamil School in Selangor for UPSR 2016.

Headmistress of SJKT Simpang Lima Kogilavany Kanapathy told TMT: “I am very happy with the performance of my students this year, usually we get a much higher number of students getting all As.

“However it is a new format this year and we are happy that SJKT Simpang Lima has started off well with this new examination format,” Kogilavany told TMT.

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