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January 11, 2017
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January 11, 2017

Enough is enough, Indian ladies know how to dress – Chandrakumanan

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11: PAR Malaysia President Datuk A. Chandrakumanan said that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) should act fast on “Thaipusam Spraying Group”.

“It is wrong to issue an intimidating statement publicly for which the police is already investigating this facebook account “Thaipusam Spraying Group”.

“My suggestion to everyone is to refrain from posting such detrimental remarks which could provoke, incite and lead to misunderstanding among one another. What is the primary motive of this group and who is the culprit behind it?

“We need to respect one another regardless of gender because everyone has their equal rights. It is wrong to instigate a woman about her dressings especially about their traditional costume.

“I do believe our ladies know how to dress based on the occasions. Therefore, undermining them is morally not right by this so called group,” said Chandrakumanan.

He said that it is detrimental to threaten someone publicly which could erupt into violence during an auspicious celebration which is one of the biggest religious Hindu festival in the country and that is the last thing that we would want add.

Chandrakumanan said that a video posted by a girl whom has been circulating among WhatsApp Groups and social media has caught his attention which was directed to “Thaipusam Sparying Group.

“MCMC and PDRM should get to the root of this posting to find the ones responsible for this act,” said the political analyst.

Chandrakumanan is referring to a Facebook group which has been under the limelight has warned Hindu women to expect being sprayed with paint should they be “inappropriately dressed” at Thaipusam events.

The group “Thaipusam spraying group has received much flack over their decision to spray paint women in what they deem as “inappropriate dressing”.

Several leaders have stepped up calling for the group creator Henry Barnabus to be captured by the police.

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