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February 17, 2017
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February 17, 2017

Chiang Mai Zoo likely to have new panda cub

CHIANG MAI, Feb 17: The Panda Research Team at Chiang Mai Zoo in the Thai North hopes for a successful breeding this year, following a recent artificial insemination with the latest health check-up of the mother panda, Lin Hui, showing a satisfactory result, Thai News Agency (TNA) reported.

Acknowledging that the environment surrounding the mother panda will be improved to help create a perfect pregnancy, Head of the Panda Research Team  Dr Boripat Siri-arunrat said that “Lin Hui” is in good health and mood and her hormones are normal following the artificial insemination on February 4.

Dr Boripat told journalists that the research team is adjusting the environment to help the mother panda to be naturally relax, as suggested by Chinese experts.

He revealed that the male panda, “Chuang Chuang”, will be moved to the former showcase area of “Lin Ping”, an elder panda cub born to the panda couple at Chiang Mai Zoo, to provide more room for Lin Hui, while an area surroundin the mother panda will be temporarily closed to provide her with privacy and a more natural environment to help create a perfect pregnancy.

According to the head of the panda research team, a team of caretakers will closely monitor Lin Hui’s developments, while close-circuit televisions (CCTVs) will be installed to allow international visitors see Lin Hui from outside her habitat.

Proclaiming a high chance for Lin Hui’s new pregnancy this year, the head of the panda research team noted that an ultrasound test and a new medical checkup will be conducted for Lin Hui within 60-70 days after the artificial insemination.

— Bernama

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