|Friday, July 31, 2015

World News

US spacecraft survives close encounter with Pluto

LAUREL, United States, July 15: NASA’s New Horizons survived its historic flyby of Pluto, the US space agency said Tuesday (Jul 14) after receiving a long-awaited signal from the spacecraft that it was still intact. “We have a healthy spacecraft,” said mission operations manager Alice Bowman, confirming that contact had been made with the spacecraft after a journey of ...Full Article

British PM Cameron backs down over fox-hunting vote

LONDON, July 15: British Prime Minister David Cameron was forced into an embarrassing climbdown on Tuesday (Jul 14) over fox-hunting, cancelling a parliamentary vote that would have relaxed the decade-old ...Full Article

British government moves to restrict strikes, outrages unions

LONDON, July 15: Britain’s Conservative government announced on Wednesday it would seek to pass a law restricting the conditions under which workers can stage strikes in a move that outraged the ...Full Article

Obama says deal is chance for ‘new direction’ in Iran ties

WASHINGTON, July 15: US President Barack Obama lauded a landmark nuclear agreement with Iran as vindication of his diplomatic approach and a chance for a “new direction” in decades of vexed ...Full Article

European leaders agree tough Greek bailout deal

BRUSSELS, July 14: Eurozone leaders struck a deal Monday (Jul 13) on a bailout to prevent debt-stricken Greece from crashing out of the euro but that forces Athens to ...Full Article

Union-busting Republican joins crowded White House race

WASHINGTON, July 14: Wisconsin’s union-busting Governor Scott Walker announced on Monday (Jul 13) that he is joining the crowded field of Republicans  jostling to be the party’s presidential nominee, ...Full Article

Hillary Clinton outlines economic vision

NEW YORK, July 14: Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton promised on Monday to raise incomes of hardworking Americans and rein in Wall Street excesses in the first major policy address of ...Full Article

New York reaches US$5.9m settlement in chokehold death

NEW YORK, July 14: The city of New York announced Monday it had reached a US$5.9 million settlement with the family of a black man who died after being ...Full Article

Gunmen hold up Primark store with 10 people inside near Paris: Police

PARIS, July 13: Gunmen were holed up inside a Primark store near Paris on Monday (Jul 13) with about 10 people inside after what appears to be an attempt ...Full Article

Mexico hunts for drug lord after prison tunnel escape

ALMOLOYA DE JUAREZ, July 13: Mexican security forces hunted on Sunday (Jul 13) for drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman after he escaped through a long tunnel under his ...Full Article