|Tuesday, July 29, 2014

World News

Gaza rockets target Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, July 13: Gaza militants fired several rockets towards Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on Saturday, the army said, with no reports of injuries, as Israel continued to bomb the coastal enclave. Three of the four Tel Aviv rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system, and the Jerusalem-bound rockets fell short, hitting two West Bank cities. “Three ...Full Article

Iraqi forces beat back assault as UN warns of “chaos”

BAGHDAD, July 13: Iraqi forces on Saturday beat back an assault on Haditha in Anbar province, strategic for its large nearby dam, as the UN warned politicians must quickly ...Full Article

UN Security Council calls for Gaza ceasefire

UNITED NATIONS, July 13: The UN Security Council urged Israel and Hamas on Saturday to end their hostilities in Gaza, calling on both sides to respect “international humanitarian laws” ...Full Article

Spain drafts controversial new law for policing demos

MADRID, July 12: Spain’s government on Friday approved controversial new fines for holding unauthorised demonstrations, sparking protests from civil rights groups. Following warnings from judicial authorities, Madrid watered down ...Full Article

Russia says Snowden’s Russian asylum could be extended in a week

MOSCOW, July 12: Fugitive US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden could have his request to extend his asylum in Russia agreed within a week, a senior migration service representative said ...Full Article

Erdogan vows constitution change for “new Turkey”

ISTANBUL, July 12: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday said he planned to rewrite the Turkish constitution if elected president, as he outlined his vision for a booming ...Full Article

Iraq fights assault as Kurds claim oilfields

RAMADI, Iraq, July 12: Iraq battled a militant assault on the city of Ramadi on Friday while the Kurds claimed disputed oilfields, another blow to efforts to forge a ...Full Article

Gaza bloodshed spirals as US offers to broker truce

JERUSALEM, July 12 :  Israeli warplanes kept up their bombing of Gaza on Friday as Hamas rockets set sirens wailing, raising fears the conflict could spread as Washington offered help brokering ...Full Article

Gandhi Memorial Trust hails decision to erect Gandhi statue in London

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 : The decision by the British government to erect the statue of India’s Independence Icon Mahatma Gandhi in London’s Parliament Square is a very fitting tribute to ...Full Article

Kerry in Kabul on key mission to calm election turmoil

KABUL, July 11: US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Afghanistan Friday on a key mission to try to quell tensions over disputed presidential polls which have triggered ...Full Article