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Concrete measures needed for a healthy taxi industry

By CY Ming TRANSPORT Minister Liow Tiong Lai wrote a 1,027 word article extolling that both e-hailing and taxi services can co-exist. The contents are a good indication of what the highest level of our government understands about our taxi industry. Reference to the Taxi Industry Transformation Plan (TITP) was made no less than 12 times, giving the impression ...Full Article

Confused with ‘khalwat’ in a vehicle

By CY Ming THE report that I may be committing khalwat is scary news to me as I have been working in Kuala Lumpur for many decades. Federal Territories ...Full Article

Which brand of patriotism should we pursue?

By YS Chan  IN most third world countries, patriotism is defined as supporting the government of the day. Instead of being debunked, the theory is continued even after a ...Full Article

When no news is good news

By Carol Leong IT was reported that the Chinese embassy in Indonesia has accused local customs officials of targeting Chinese tourists and demanding they give them illicit “tips” at ...Full Article

Great patriots emerge during crisis

By YS Chan THE Malayan Emergency was a guerrilla war fought between British Commonwealth armed forces and the military arm of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) from 1948 until ...Full Article

I, too, could have drowned

By YS Chan THERE is much water in and around Malaysia. Our coastline is 4,675km, making it the 29th longest in the world. Indonesia, with around 18,000 islands, has ...Full Article

Tourism affected by court of public opinion

By CY Ming OUR Immigration officers are likely to be given the benefit of the doubt in a recent allegation by a Taiwanese woman denied entry into Malaysia at KLIA2. ...Full Article

Civil war ended, but no progress on human rights in Sri Lanka

By P. Ramasamy  I don’t think that international community of nations represented in the UN Human Rights Council (HRC)  are really serious in addressing the issue of human rights ...Full Article

Ke Arah Menyelamatkan 9 Warganegara Malaysia

Oleh, Dominic Chia KIM Jong-Nam, abang tiri kepada Kim Jong-Un telah dibunuh oleh dua wanita warga asing pada 13 Februari lalu di Lapangan Terbang KLIA2. Pembunuhan ala plot filem pengintipan ...Full Article

The people of Cameron Highlands have woken up

By M.Manogaran CAMERON Highlands has an out of the ordinary racial breakdown as the Orang Asli community form about 20% of the total registered voters. This is significant as ...Full Article
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