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Enact the Malaysian Indian Blueprint

By S. Gopinath FIRST of all, kudos to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib bin Razak for coming up with the Malaysian Indian Blueprint. Indeed an initiative that is warmly welcomed by most of Indians in this country. My take on the blueprint; I would have greatly appreciated a blueprint with a separate allocation to curb the ...Full Article

AWAS only penalise unlucky motorists

By YS Chan THE Automated Enforcement System (AES) started operations on Sep 23, 2012 with 14 cameras. Within the first eight days, they captured 63,558 offences, or 567 per ...Full Article

Why the Malaysian Indian Blueprint will be successful

By A. Chandrakumanan  THIS is first time The Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak have launched such a blueprint for Indian community in Malaysia. There was never such ...Full Article

Najib unveils yet another “kosong” Indian Blueprint

By P. Uthayakumar AFTER 11 Malay-sia Plans, countless National Development Plans, Wawasan 2020, Satu Malaysia, Nambekei etc. spanning over 60 years, Prime Minister Najib Razak continues the UMNO game ...Full Article

Kick Zakir Naik out of the country immediately

By A. Chandrakumanan I refer to the Facebook status of the Mufti of Perlis (hereby referred to as ‘the Mufti’), Dr Asri,  in which he hurt the sentiments of ...Full Article

Permanent residency to a national threat?

By S. Gopinath WE had Maria Chin detained under SOSMA for organising BERSIH – the objective was to spread awareness on the importance of clean voting system. Maria is ...Full Article

Gambling lives away at the toll plaza

By Sarimah Othman WITH  more toll plazas today providing only electronic payment options, more Malaysians have started becoming Touch ”n Go and SmartTAG users. Despite this, toll plazas are ...Full Article

There is good in being a busybody

By  Sakini Mohd Said THE other day, my friend told me about how police had to force their way into a flat unit she owned in Wangsa Maju after ...Full Article

Selagi PAS memerintah, selagi itulah Kelantan kotor – Zaid

Oleh Zaid Ibrahim  ORANG muda yang bergiat untuk memperbaiki keadaan dalam masyarakat dan politik mesti ada idealisme, ada impian untuk membuat perubahan dan memberi sumbangan yang positif. Impian bukannya angan-angan. Contoh angan-angan ialah ...Full Article

Karpal Singh, dearly missed but never forgotten

By Kasthuri Patto A sharing on Mr Karpal’s last parliament sitting on the 10th of April on the supremacy of the Federal Constitution on the 3rd anniversary of his ...Full Article
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