|Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Goodies for entrepreneurs in 2017

By S. Gopinath MANY entrepreneurs are marching into 2017 with a heavy heart; too many uncertainties, from currency rate to politics. Businesses everywhere are witnessing a slow tempo at the moment, will it prolong in 2017? We doubt. While it’s common for human to worry over challenges, this one trait can indirectly hamper your growth. Always remember, that no ...Full Article

Zero waste management for a better nation    

By Ravindran Raman Kutty WHY Zero Waste is important for Malaysia’s Waste Management is a topic always close to my heart. Having spent five with a leading waste management ...Full Article

Flaws in education and training

By YS Chan  ALTHOUGH Standard 6 and Form 3 students had to sit for national examinations, automatic promotions allow most to remain in school until Form 5 to take ...Full Article

Mental health epidemic: The price of progress?

By SM Mohamed Idris WE are slated to be a high income country by 2020 and it appears that all indicators suggest we are close to the finishing line.  Incidentally ...Full Article

Najib pinjam lagi

Oleh Dr Mahathir 1.    Najib isytihar pinjaman sebanyak 55 billion Ringgit dari sebuah syarikat di masa lawatannya ke China.2.    Pinjaman ini adalah untuk membangunkan landasan keretapi letrik di Pantai ...Full Article

Watch out for thieves this wedding season    

By Sakini Mohd Said DECEMBER is a popular month for two things in Malaysia: travelling and getting married. By November, the invitations would be flooding in. It is not ...Full Article

Remembering the great artiste of Malaysia

By Ravindran Raman Kutty TAN Sri Datuk Amar Dr. P Ramlee was an illustrious film actor, director, singer, songwriter, composer, and producer, who would have been 87 now if ...Full Article

And you tell us not to worry?

By S.Gopinath  PERLIS government’s amendment to its enactment in allowing the unilateral conversion of a non-Muslim child by a newly converted Muslim parent without the consent of the non-Muslim ...Full Article

More patriots should emerge from 1.6 mil civil servants

By YS Chan MOST civil servants are in the middle 40 percent (M40) income earners, above those in the bottom 40 percent (B40). The balance is the top 20 ...Full Article

Vote for clarity

By Zaid Ibrahim  I am not sure I should continue to write about Opposition politics as I am the least qualified to do so. I do not belong to ...Full Article
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