|Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Countries with MH17 victims agree prosecution team

THE HAGUE, July 29 : Ukraine and 11 countries that lost citizens in downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 agreed on Monday (July 28) to set up a joint team of prosecutors to examine possible criminal charges, a statement said. This will add to several other probes under way to determine what caused the crash, who is liable, and to ...Full Article

Dutch police say some MH17 victims’ remains “may never be found”

THE HAGUE, July 29 :  All remains of the 298 people who died on downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in rebel-held east Ukraine may never be recovered, Dutch police ...Full Article

Najib welcomes UNSC’s move for ceasefire in Gaza conflict

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 :  Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has welcomed the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) 12-hour ceasefire in Gaza, allowing access to volunteers to ...Full Article

Ukraine rebels say army wrests control of part of MH17 site

DONETSK, July 28 : The Ukrainian army has seized control of part of the vast crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in the east of the country, pro-Russia ...Full Article

MH17 black boxes show crash caused by rocket shrapnel: Ukraine

KIEV, July 28 : Black boxes recovered from downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in rebel-held east Ukraine show shrapnel from a rocket explosion caused the passenger jet to crash, ...Full Article

Get your facts right, EDL use is still free, say analysts

JOHOR BARU, July 28 :  As the controversy continues over the Eastern Disposal Link (EDL), authorities have called for a more balanced and rationale perspective, pointing out that between ...Full Article

MH17 investigators turn back amid reported explosions

THE HAGUE, July 28 : Dutch and Australian forensic investigators on their way to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 were turned back on Monday (July 28), ...Full Article

Raya celebrated in sombre mood in wake of ‘Air Tragedies’

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 :  Muslims in Malaysia celebrated Aidilfitri today, in a solemn atmosphere as the country struggles to recover from two air tragedies in the space of ...Full Article

MHA clarifies toll rate increase

JOHOR BARU, July 28 : At least 180,000 vehicles or about 80% of Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) motorists would not have to pay toll rates as they could exit ...Full Article

Fighting complicates MH17 crash probe

GRABOVE, Ukraine, July 28 :  Russia accused the US of hindering the OSCE’s work in Ukraine, as fighting raged around the crash site of flight MH17 and the Netherlands ...Full Article
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