|Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Norwegians count their blessings in world’s happiest nation

OSLO/COPENHAGEN, Mar 21: Norwegian law student Karen Nerbo summed up the feelings of many on Monday as her country was named the world’s happiest country. “We have a lot of things to be happy about, our society is very open, we have everything that we need, there is not much to complain about,” said Nerbo, 22, walking down Oslo’s ...Full Article

Restoration work completed on site of Jesus’s tomb in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, Mar 21: A team of scientists and restorers has completed work on the site of the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem’s Old City, and it will be re-opened ...Full Article

‘Bamboo coin banks’ bring back memories

ALOR SETAR, Mar 20: Ahmad Saad’s bamboo coin banks is certainly one of the more eye-catching finds at Pasar Karat Kampung Berjaya, near Alor Setar. The 78-year-old, better known ...Full Article

Thimble, wheelbarrow, boot kicked out of Monopoly board game

SEATTLE, Mar 18: If you have ever wanted to rampage through a game of Monopoly like a dinosaur, you’re in luck. The popular U.S. board game is changing out ...Full Article

‘Communist’ fish, water gun-toting punks at Indonesian photo show in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Mar 18: Bodybuilders and punks ready to do battle with water guns. Spiffy-looking generals whose heads are encrusted in shiny crystals. A fish with so-called communist leanings. A ...Full Article

Couple quits finance, wins Brazil’s top coffee prize

SAO PAULO, Mar 18: It could be a Hollywood screenplay. Juliana Armelin and her husband Paulo Siqueira decided to radically change their lives in 2010, quitting jobs in Sao ...Full Article

Spring in the air, China’s pigeon racers give birds their meds

BEIJING, Mar 17: Guarding against avian flu, which has forced a mass cull of birds in China, pigeon fancier Wang Jincang paid out nearly US$400 to get his 200 ...Full Article

Egypt’s pigeons soar above wooden towers, away from the dinner plate

CAIRO, Mar 17: Pigeons are a delicacy in Egypt, traditionally served roasted and stuffed with fragrant rice. But for Cairo’s pigeon fanciers, their prized birds are nobody’s next meal. ...Full Article

Giant satirical puppets go on display in Spanish ‘Fallas’ fiesta

VALENCIA, Mar 17: Satirical effigies of United States President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo went on display on Thursday for Spain’s Fallas festival in ...Full Article

Stranded Haitian migrants seek new home on Mexico-US border

TIJUANA, Mexico, Mar 17: Kneeling on a patch of flat earth with a shovel in hand, Thea Nonce Jean tips cement where a floor is about to be laid. ...Full Article
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