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July 18, 2012
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Are handphones and IT gadgets a necessity for students?








KUALA LUMPUR : The Deputy Education Minister, Datuk Wee Ka Siong announced on Monday that students would be allowed to bring handphones and IT gadgets to school starting next year.


I personally feel that it is a wrong move as it may only create more disciplinary problems in school. Just look at the issues happening in school now. Bullying, smoking, playing truant and fighting are only same of the disciplinary problems in Malaysia.

Let us question this. Is there a need for hand phones and IT gadgets to be brought to school? Many who were interviewed were not happy with the probable move. Although it is still in the initial stage, many are already stating their grouses towards the move.


In getting the comments, The Malaysian Times (TMT) today contacted the deputy director of education, Fuzi to get his comments on the matter.


“We are now in the process of compiling the feedbacks given by the public,” he said. These feedbacks would later be sent to the Ministry for further discussion.


Hashim Adnan

Meanwhile, the National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) President, Hashim Adnan strongly said that it was an unwise move as it would create more disciplinary problems among the students.


“I disagree with the move 100 percent. Why do we need phones in school? At the moment the students are still using exercise book, pencils and pens in school and I see no problem with it. Malaysian students are also not ready for such responsibility,” said Hashim.


He also added that this will burden many families as they would need to spend more to keep their children happy. “There are an approximate five million students in Malaysia and majority is from the middle-class. Many of them will not be able to provide such luxury for their children. This is another burden for these families,” he said.


In my opinion burden such this is unneeded. Rather than saving up for their children’s education, if these move is put into action they would begin spending for items which are unnecessary.


Looking at the teachers’ point of view, many of them were against the move. They said that it would only ruin the student’s concentration and create additional disciplinary problems. These are problems which are unwelcomed.


Zaitunaltaim Hushim, Teacher, Methodist Girls School

“I don’t agree because these students will then lose focus in their studies. Although there would be guidelines put in place, many of them will not follow it. I feel that there will be more social and disciplinary problems would ensue as soon as this is allowed.”


“I don’t agree for handphones to be brought to school. This will only ruin their concentration in school. It will also be hard to control these students.”






Sharifah, Teacher, Methodist Girls School


Lafzi Amin, Teacher, SMK Teknik Likas

“I feel that it is not a wise move. It will only increase the disciplinary problems in school and it will make it harder for teachers to control them.”


There are many pros and cons of technology. On one side it may make it easier for students to excess information needed for their students but on the other side of the coin, many may misuse this technology by hacking into websites which they should not enter.


Handphones and IT gadgets are useful if they are used wisely. Looking at the current situation in schools many feel that this is definitely an unwise move to be taken. It is time for the government to take a serious look into school disciplinary problems before executing this plan -TMT


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