‘The Malaysian Times’ (TMT)
is a news portal which aims to offer alternative views and  journalistic approach to Malaysia’s political issues as the nation braces itself for the crucial 13th General Elections which will determine the future of our beloved country.

TMT was launched on the 5 of March 2012 and is run by a team of experienced journalists, political analysts and writers. Our news are also sourced from Bernama, Reuters and European Photo Agency.

TMT will cover a wide variety of news and issues across the globe and our nation. TMT comes out at a time when the internal news portals have become an important part in the lives of Malaysians especially the younger generation, in their decision making process on current political issues.

Our aim and intention is to remain neutral and to present the news and views of both sides of the political divide without any fear or favour. Malaysians need every piece of information, views   and opinions as they contemplate to decide their respective candidates and parties in the forthcoming general elections and on other political issues. TMT will endeavour to play a crucial role in achieving this ambitious target.

TMT is owned and operated by The Malaysian Times Sdn Bhd (Company No: 917983-V).

Email : editor@themalaysiantimes.com.my / info@themalaysiantimes.com.my