Court orders mediation for Pahang MB vs Utusan case
July 17, 2017
அடிப்படை போக்குவரத்து வசதியை மேம்படுத்தும் நாடுகளில் மலேசியாவுக்கு 11 ஆவது இடம்
July 17, 2017

After 10 days, DAP finally gets official letter from ROS

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17: DAP’s legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo has confirmed that the party has received an official letter from the Registrar of Societies (ROS) ordering the party to a hold a fresh election for its central executive committee (CEC).

“DAP received official notification of decision from ROS by way of letter this morning.

“CEC will meet this Wednesday to discuss it’s contents.

“Statement will be issued after that,” he said in a Facebook posting today.

On July 7, RoS director-general Datuk Mohammad Razin Abdullah said the appointment of CEC members and those who held key positions in DAP via its re-election on Sep 29, 2013 was deemed unlawful.

The re-election should be based on the list of delegates entitled to attend and vote in the CEC election on Dec 15, 2012 which involved 2,576 delegates from 865 branches.

This is because only valid and recognised CEC members can appoint individuals to the main positions, in accordance with the Societies Act 1966 and DAP’s constitution.

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